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Every year September’s a time of new beginnings. Except, this year, that familiar back-to-it feeling has been amplified following several months of barely leaving the house.

Whether it’s finally going back into work or school or even starting somewhere new, this might well be the first time since March you’ve worn anything but a tracksuit (or even pyjamas).

We say: seize the opportunity to put your best self forward again. Here are three ways to do it.

Moss Bros, Teesside Park. 3 Male models wearing 2 piece Moss Bros suits in Navy with light blue shirt and a mixture of black brogues and slip ons.

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Refresh Your Back To Work Wardrobe

If your office is slowly opening back up again, now’s a good time to get your working wardrobe back in order.

A well-cut suit is just the ticket for a boost of confidence as you gear yourself up for your first week back (and, whisper it, the first commute). Feeling like you need a bit of comfort to ease you back into work? Pick one with a shot of stretch for a seamless transition from tracksuit to actual suit.

Moss Bros, Teesside Park. Male model wearing navy blue suit trousers, jacket and light coloured shirt with stylish light brown tie. Perfect combination for the office look.

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