Mamas & Papas New Bedside Crib

Those precious first nights at home with your newborn are all about snuggling up and keeping them close, so it’s important that the whole family is sleeping in a way that works for you. The Mamas & Papas innovative Lua bedside crib makes it easier than ever have your baby safely by your side, whether you’re choosing to place it by your bed or using it around the house for daytime naps.

Mamas & Papas have carefully developed the Lua to be comfy and breathable for your little one, whilst making night time nursing and comforting cuddles a breeze for you. It’s even got a contemporary minimalist design that feels a little more grown up - so it won’t look out of place in your bedroom. And because it’s been tried and tested by real parents, you can be sure it’s super-safe for your baby to snooze soundly next to you.

Available in store now.

A woman sitting on a bed picking up a baby from their crib.

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