Nike x Next Home Workouts

Catering to the boom in home fitness this year, high-street giant Next has teamed up with sportswear brand Nike to deliver a series of educational home workout videos you can do in your own home.

Covering a range of different home workout routines, these exclusive videos will be housed on a dedicated Nike workouts hub on Next’s website until Thursday 29th October. Led by Nike trainer Naomi Heffernan, a new video will be uploaded weekly to the Next website, YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Model for next exercising at home wearing Nike clothes from the Next x Nike collaboration


Get ready for a seven-week series of workouts, sportswear and nutrition advice

Model for next exercising at home wearing Nike clothes from the Next x Nike collaboration

Naomi’s videos will focus on different workouts that can be carried out at home with no equipment necessary.

 “All you need is a bit of space, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a mat as long as you have got enough room to be moving around in.” – Naomi Heffernan

There will be a new video uploaded to Next’s website and social media accounts every Thursday:

  • 1st October: What to Eat When You’re Exercising
  • 8th October: Home Workout (Release Yoga)
  • 15th October: Naomi’s Workout Tips
  • 22nd October: Outdoor Garden Workout (HIIT)
  • 29th October: Sports Bra Education

Alongside the workout routines are educational videos offering advice and guidance around nutrition and what to eat before and after a workout, with fitness instructor Naomi referencing her favourite pre-workout snacks.

“My go-to is something like oats, porridge, muesli, bananas, nut butters – they are sources of really slow-releasing energies so will give you the longest amount of fuel for the longest time.”


A one-stop shop for the latest Nike products

Next already stock a range of Nike products and are using the home workouts hub as a platform to showcase new releases too, including trainers, bras and leggings.

Model for next exercising at home wearing Nike clothes from the Next x Nike collaboration

Shoppers get an in-depth look at the Nike Metcon 6 Trainers, the latest iteration of their popular training shoe. A more breathable version of their forerunner the Metcon 5, the Metcon 6 features firmer foam under the heel, delivering stability and durability through high-intensity workouts.

Nike trainer Naomi talks through the different features and benefits of this new sneaker in her product deep dive.

“They’re a really stable shoe to train in, so if you are doing things like squats or working with weights, they’re amazing because they’ve got such a solid base. They’re also really grippy on the sole [and] because they’re mesh-fronted as well, they’re going to keep you really nice and cool.”

Keep your eyes peeled for advice on buying the right sports bra too as Naomi talks about the importance of wearing the correct kit when working out:

“[A sports bra] is probably the most important item if you’re working out. You want to make sure you are nice and secure, you are protected when you’re jumping around – you want to make sure you’re held in properly.”

The workouts hub is now live so what are you waiting for... Access to the workouts here.


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