Pizza Express New Summer Menu

It's finally summer! Time for warm nights and late-night bites, spontaneity and sunshine. PizzaExpress’ seasonal menu is packed with delicious new delights to fuel your fun. So pull up a chair and tear off a slice. Come hungry and leave carefree, because you can be your summer self at PizzaExpress. 

A pizza with different toppings on each half

Fancy a pizza this and a pizza that? Do a Duo Romana and get your two favourite pizzas in one – perfect for avoiding food FOMO. 

Sundae on a Monday kind of person? You can have our irresistibly rich Lotus Billionaire’s Sundae or our strawb-tastic Eton Mess Sundae any day of the week. 

An ice cream sundae with a lotus biscoff biscuit in it and some caramel sauce being drizzled on top

Zucchini in your bikini? The new Romana Zucchini and Ricotta tastes great at your favourite sunbathing spot. 

A thin crust pizza with vegetables on top

And don't forget to make your day Chimi-cheery with their new Chimichurri Dough Balls, loaded with garlic and fresh herbs. 

ough balls with chimichurri dressing (green herbs)

Expressly for Everyone. Book, order or collect today. 

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