Say hello to what's new

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful shoppers and visitors, especially for all your unstinting support in ensuring we stay a safe shopping environment.  And we also want to welcome all our new shoppers, those of you who might have just discovered us but who are now converted to the fantastic range of stores, brands, leisure and delicious eating out choices that we have for you.  Not to mention the ease of getting here and our free parking. We’re working hard to bring you exciting new brands and to work on initiatives and developments that support our wider community.  So here’s a quick update on What’s New for you.

How We're Developing For You -  The local stories that shape us.

Many of you will be aware of our ongoing development, most often seen in the reconfiguration of our central car parking space but there's so much more going on in our development work that we're keen to share. Most especially the local stories that have inspired and shaped much of the public realm, hard and soft landscaping that you will see around you when you next visit us.  We'll create a dedicated development section here on our site but each month we'll bring you one of the development stories.  

This month we're looking at the story behind the materials that shape our public realm spaces.



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