Christmas Giving Box

Help us give back this Christmas – Together we can make a difference at The Giving Box

Christmas is a time for giving, and this year we’re giving back to a wonderful charity who works so hard to deliver vital services in our local community.

We know that this has been a difficult year for everyone. But charities have been among the hardest hit, and they need our generosity more than ever.

That’s why we’re using our festive celebrations to support Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice.

If you can, please help us to help them by showing your support when you next visit us.

This December we’ll be launching a giant giving box, which you can find in the Customer Service Suite. 



Using contactless payment, you’ll be able to donate to this amazing charity and make a difference this Christmas. 

Thank you! Our giving box has a special way of showing just how much it appreciates your donation too.

Get to know our chosen charity - Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice was founded in 1995 after Chairman of Trustees, Professor Jack Scarisbrick, identified that families with children suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions were desperately in need of specialist facilities, especially during their early years.

In response, Zoë’s Place– the UK’s only baby-specific hospice – was born. They provide free-of-charge respite, palliative and end-of-life care to babies and infants aged 0-5 years suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Each of the hospices in Coventry, Liverpool and Middlesbrough provide a caring, safe and home-away-from-home environment for all.

Zoë’s Place has suffered throughout COVID-19 and services have been cut. A position no charity wants to be in. However, your donation will allow them to continue to provide vital care and support to families across the nation.

If you’re able to support the charity, on behalf of every child, their families and staff member at Zoë’s Place, thank you.

Find out more about Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice here.

Facebook: @zoesplacebabyhospicemiddlesbrough

Instagram: @zoesplacemiddlesbrough

Twitter: @ZoesPlaceMidbro

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